Garage Living Showroom

Considerations for Garage Reconstruction and a Few Tips

Casey Heinrich   
Feb 12
Garage reconstruction can be  a lot of fun when it’s done with your goals in mind.  The garage is one of the important spaces in your house and the best part is that you can use it for more than just storing your cars. You can actually convert it into a living, breathing space. It’s a way to expand your living space without having to look for a second home. A two-car garage almost adds

Your Garage Can Improve the Value of Your Home

Casey Heinrich   
Jan 29
Improving the value of your home is simple with steps like insulating your garage door or installing a floor covering. Unlike the rest of your house, the garage gives you an incredible amount of leeway when it comes to applying the full extent of your creativity. Most households in the US, however, continue to treat their garages simply as a means to an end – that of parking their cars. Or for filling to the
Man Cave in a Garage

Transform Your Garage With These 10 Innovative Ideas

Casey Heinrich   
Jan 22
Ever wonder what you could to to transform your garage into usable space?  We rarely think of a garage as anything more than an extension of our house – a space where we park our cars. We also tend to use it to store unwanted stuff or items that have not been used for ages. This stuff starts to gather dust, and the corners of the garage start to gather cobwebs, giving this car park

Build That Garage Workshop You Always Wanted

Casey Heinrich   
Jan 15
A garage is mainly used for storing cars right? Well, yes and no. That’s only one way that a garage can be used. It is a space in your home after all and you can use your garage in any number of ways you want, other than storing your cars that is. If you do a lot of home improvement projects creating an amazing garage workshop can be incredibly helpful. Preparing it well for your
Improve your curb appeal

8 Great Renovation Ideas for Your Garage Door to Boost Curb Appeal

Casey Heinrich   
Jan 09
You may not think much about your garage or your garage door, but it is a part of your home none the less. It boosts your curb appeal when people look at your house and see that the entry ways into the house are well maintained and look inviting. Unfortunately, the common homeowner neglects the garage door, as long as it is functional, most homeowners don’t bother with the aesthetics. An Old Garage Door Shouldn’t