Garage Door Openers

We offer all the major brands of garage door openers, but we will work together to make the best decision on type and brand of garage door opener to fit your needs! Below are the three types of residential garage door openers that are used. Having the right garage door opener makes the difference in how a garage feels when you use it often.

Remote Opener

Whisper Quiet Belt Drive

LiftMasters belt drive systems is the ultimate choice for quiet operation. This is the ideal garage door opener for houses with a living space above or adjacent to the garage.

Remote Opener

Economical Chain Drives

Liftmasters offers the highest quality chain drive systems for lasting performance at an extremely affordable price.

Jackshaft Operator

The perfect solution for all your low head room requirements. This door is absolutely perfect for low ceilings and is among the quietest doors on the market.

Need help choosing the right garage door opener?

GarageWorks has experience working with virtually any make/model of door openers as well as a variety of remotes. Our technicians are able to evaluate the condition of your current opener and provide free estimates for the right garage door opener and remote should you be in the market for a replacement

For many people, automatic garage door openers are invaluable. Over the years, we've witnessed garage doors experience many changes. Some changes were useful while others became a cause of headaches. A shift from being manually operated to being automatically operated is a change that garage doors underwent recently. In simple terms, the introduction of automatic garage door openers has changed the way we operate garage doors.

Majority of the people that use garage doors have welcomed automatic garage door openers with open arms. Why is that? Most people prefer automatic garage door openers because of the benefits they offer. What are the benefits of automatically operated garage door openers? Let's take a look.

Prevent people from breaking into your house

The foremost benefit of using automatically operated garage door openers is preventing burglars or other miscreants from barging into your house. Breaking into a house with a manual garage door is rather easy. Therefore, people with manually operated garage doors are at a high risk of theft. On the other hand, the automatic sensors of the automatically operated garage door openers make the garage door difficult to tamper with. Therefore, choosing automatically operated garage door openers over their manual counterparts is a no-brainer.

Protect the door from adverse weather conditions

A major benefit of having an automatically operated garage door opener is protection against adverse weather conditions. Without getting out of the car of your house, you can open and close the garage door. Usually, in the rain or freezing weather, opening and closing the garage door becomes a hard task. However, with automatically operated garage door opener, performing the aforementioned task has become easy.

Energy efficiency

Many environmentalists are skeptical about using automatically operated garage openers because they think these doors have a toll on the environment. If you’re one such person then you need to know this: Contrary to the popular belief, only a small amount of energy is used to operate automatic garage door openers. Also, contrary to what most people believe, a significant amount of power isn’t required to open or close the automatically operated garage door.


The most obvious benefit of automatically operated garage door openers is the convenience of doing things. By simply clicking a button, you can open and close your garage door. Furthermore, to open your door, you no longer need to step out of your car. Just bring your car close to the garage door and it will automatically open.

Conform to the current safety standards

Since they do not conform to the current safety standards, the garage door openers produced before 1993 have now become obsolete. However, no one can force you not to use them. Though, if you want to conform to current safety standards, it’s best that you don’t use the obsolete garage door openers. A great way to conform to current safety standards is using automatically operated garage door openers.