Reducing Noise In Your Garage For Band Practice

Nashville: Music City, USA

Nashville is the center of music in the US, maybe the world. Nashville is where dreams come true, where fame and fortune are born. However, those dreams can only come true if you put in the practice and become super professional.
Nashville Music City

Kids need to be encouraged from an early age to get better and better with the music abilities. Honing and crafting their act and their songs. Their band (Rap act/ DJ Skills whatever is their preferred art) needs to practice and to rehearse. 

It is also so much more reassuring to know where your kids are without being a nagging parent. Having your teenagers playing their music within your home is also a great way to protect them.

Now, Imagine This Scenario.

Your teenage kids are in the middle of practicing their band. Suddenly the doorbell rings. You open the door only to be met by a whining neighbor, and she is furious. The loud sound of your kids bass and drum beats are killing her peace and quiet after a hard week at the office. 

You try explaining to her, how your kids are passionate about the music, but it’s like your pleas are falling on deaf ears!

As a mom to these creative youngsters, you do not know what to do. But do not despair.

Speak to Garageworks.

We are a company that deals with insulation services. Garageworks are here to offer you the much-needed solutions for your soundproofing needs. They will help you insulate your garage door. 

Sometimes it is best to buy a new already insulated door. Garageworks will help you make an informed choice.

After Garageworks have completed their work on your garage, the level of noise from your kid’s band will have reduced drastically.

Most bands began their journey to success from a garage, therefore, do not kill your children’s dreams.

Nashville as music center with a proud heritage of new talent

Speak to Garageworks.

Nashville is one of the best places for musically talented kids to grow up. The whole music industry ticks over with the input of fresh, exciting talent. Nashville needs your kids. 

Nashville is kid friendly. The city has very kind people. There are a lot of activities and events specifically for children.

You will find shops, restaurants, exhibitions, and playgrounds. All of these created in a way to suit kids. Not forgetting the live music playing everywhere, seemingly in all the corners of Music City! 

There are many music venues. They range from small clubs to large world-renowned concert halls. The Grand Ole Opry, The Bluebird Café and so many more venues to showcase

New and established talent. Nashville boasts great talent and some of the biggest names in the music world.

Right from live bands, blues, jazz, soul music, pop, and rock music. Your kids can learn to write, play, and record their music in a creative and supporting environment.

Kids need to practice, how else can new talent emerge?

Kids are fascinated with music and all the glamour. The industry is a giant light drawing them in. 

As kids growing up in Nashville, they can’t fail to learn to play the band. Enroll them for the music classes. As they learn, they have to perfect their skills. You could be wondering how to do it with all that noise! Yes, but they must practice to bring out their talents.

The other upside of their creative outputs (mentioned above) is that you can relax, knowing where they are, what they are doing and that you are helping them with something they love.

They are protected, their talents nurtured and you get to be part of their lives as teenagers, while most Moms have no idea what their teenagers are doing …. and WHO with.

What a great Mom you are. You rock.

Neighbors need their quiet time

Having a noisy neighbor can be very irritating! It is not hard to imagine, you are at home having your quiet time after a busy day. Suddenly, the neighbor’s kids start practicing their band. Bass drum, snare, guitar chords. Ouch. 

Those teenagers that you are so proud of are now ruining the peace of the whole neighborhood. What chance is there that this will end peacefully? Maybe irate neighbors at your door, maybe the police. Your neighbors have rights to quite and leisure time too, remember that.

Getting along with your neighbors can be a tricky business at times, especially with grouchy types. But we all have to get along, and who knows? You might need the help of that neighbor one day. Can you expect support if you are not considerate to them? Do good, and it shall come back to you.

The garage is just so perfect though

Big garage, lots of room to have a small band to rehearse? Seems to good to let go of the idea. So let’s get it right and solve your noise problems while saving your neighbors ears and good will. 

But remember, you cannot choose your neighbors. You have to learn how best to live with them. Sounds challenging? It need not be. How best can you achieve this?

You will need to do some insulation to help curb the noise from your teenagers and their noisy friends. Using soundproof materials will help. There is another bonus of having a noise reduced garage. YOU can make all the noise you want too. Both you and your husband can create whatever racket you please. Dad finally gets a place to do his hobby and a den to hang out in (don’t let drunk friends on the kid’s drum kit though).

Hanging out with his friends and jamming with them in his own garage …. That will get the old man on board.

Garage door needs insulation! Garageworks can give you advice.

Having a fully operational garage which is 100 percent soundproofed is next to impossible. The best thing that you can do is to look for ways to drastically (or as much as possible) reduce the noise. Insulating your garage doors is the biggest problem (apart from maybe cost). 

You could decide to build a room within the garage, but this is mainly possible for non-operational garages. Unless your garage is large enough to allow TWO doors.

Garageworks do provide installation services for garage doors. It all depends on your budget and preference. It has experts who will help you identify the best type of door that fits your garage. The installers are also qualified, so you do not have to worry. There are quite many types of insulations for you to choose from.

You may decide whether or not your garage door will have windows. Windows can help give your home a whole new look! And they are not as expensive as they sound!

Some of the insulations by Garageworks include:

1. Vinyl back models-they are the most common.

Size- most of the back doors are r-value of 6.5

Features of the model

  • They do come with insulation that has a polystyrene foam with a thickness of 1 5/16″ thick at the center.
  • They have a white vinyl back cover which is smooth.

Pros of the model

  • The insulation makes the door to be more stable.
  • It helps create a cleaner look on the inside.
  • They are economical

Cons of the model

  • It is very much prone to punctures. Kids or even pets such as dogs can easily puncture the door.

2. Steel back doors

Size –the size ranges from a 6.3 R-value up to a 20 R-value. They come with a thickness ranging from 1 5/16″ to 3 1/2″. 

The steel back doors are of two types depending on the type of material used in the panel.

Polystyrene insulated steel back panels- they provide an R-value of 6.3 for the one 5/16″ thick models and 9.0 for the 2″ thick models.
The most commonly bought steel back door in the industry is the 2″ thick door with an R-value of 9.0.

It is the commonly bought steel back door in for insulating garages. It works well especially when the garage walls are insulated.

3. Polyurethane insulated steel back panels

These provide an R-value of 12.9 for the one 5/16″ thick models and 18.2 for the 2″ thick models. These models take an extra week to come in.

In the industry, they are the stoutest doors. 


  • They both provide enough insulation to give a definite temperature change inside your garage.
  • Both types come with a lifetime limited warranty on the individual doors.
  • They are durable. The doors can withstand the wear and tear of dogs and kids.
  • They are quieter compared to one and two layer doors.
  • They can provide a “solid wall” feel to your garage space.

Buying a pre-insulated door from Garageworks

You might as well decide to buy an insulated door from Garageworks. Some of the factors that you have to consider before you buy an insulated door 

a) Insulation – Do not look at the doors thickness but instead go for the doors with a high R-value. A high r-value helps reduce noise.
b) Garage door spring system- Go for a door having a sturdy and robust spring system. The counterbalance of the spring system helps open and close your garage door.
c) Cost of the door – At Garageworks, you will get budget-friendly insulated garage doors.
d) Service quality-You must consider the type and quality of service that you will get after purchase. At garage works, you will get specialists and experts. They will advise you on the best type of door to secure. They will also install it for you.
e) Safety of the garage door-Ensure that your new garage door is safe to all the home users. It will be better if it is equipped with a garage door reversal action for safety purpose.
f) Maintenance and upkeep-Consider your expenses concerning regular upkeep and maintenance of your garage door. Example-steel doors require cleaning and maintaining occasionally. Wooden ones need painting after a period. Vinyl doors also require regular painting.


Some of the insulated garage doors that you can get at Garageworks include the following

Avante collection aluminum and glass garage doors
Coachman collection carriage house style garage doors

Gallery collection steel garage doors
Ground harbor collection garage doors
Reserve collection custom and semi-custom wood garage doors
Value series steel garage doors
Canyon Ridge collection

Cheap, simple and practical tips for insulating the walls and ceiling of your garage

As a parent, you may also decide to do some insulation to the walls and ceilings of your garage. Most of these methods are cheap, simple and effective.

i. Soundproof the windows

As a parent, you may also decide to do some insulation to the walls and ceilings of your garage. Most of these methods are cheap, simple and effective.

ii. Using soundproof blankets also help in reducing the amount of noise.

The curtains are made up of layers of soundproof materials. The threads of the materials capture and kill the sound. Therefore, less noise from the band will get out of the room. 

Remember, we are trying to ‘reduce’ the noise, not stop it entirely. Your garage is a working garage and needs to have unsealed doors to open and close easily when putting away the cars.

iii. Soundproofing the garage door

You can best insulate your garage door using acoustic blankets or sheets. These blankets are made of fiberglass. Fiberglass absorbs sound.

iv. Panels or acoustic sheets for garage ceilings.

Insulating your ceiling helps reduce the noise even further. Panels are much better than the acoustic sheeting. They are cheaper, they absorb the sound and reduce the echo from the noise source (kids or husband)

v. Acoustic blankets and sheets for walls.

The blankets have a layer of soundproofing material

vi. Build a room in the garage

Use layers of drywall. Drywall is a gypsum panel. Each layer adds to the level of soundproofing. Add a covering of carpet and really kill the noise.

vii. Use a combination of all the above methods

A combination of two or more tips mentioned can drastically help reduce the level of noise coming from the garage,

Hang theatre style curtains

If you are not in a position to apply the tips for noise reduction above, do not worry. Using hanging theater style curtains can also work. Place the curtain 12″ in front of the door. This curtain will reflect a lot of the noise plus; it will also ‘kill’ some of the sounds before it heads towards the door and out to the neighbor’s ears.

Use a large canvas roll.

To be effective, hang the canvas roll from the ceiling to at least 6″ from the floor. It will also help reduce the noise significantly. Lay down a carpet (add one to the roof too, if you can). That will kill some noise from pinging around the garage. In fact, the more ‘things’ you have in there will also help deaden the sound. 

To make the room family friendly, add some couches and a TV. Make the room comfortable for all of you to hang out in.

Super Den with added instruments for jamming? Yay. Invite the neighbors around for a jam and see them lighten up.

Tell the kids to only rehearse before 9 pm

Once you have done any of the above tips, your garage will be much less noisy. It will seem like a new space. 

Even so, to show a little more consideration to your neighbors, let the kids do their practice before 9 pm. Before this time a lot of adults are still coming home from work or are in a better mood to tolerate a little noise in the name of Nashville’s music scene. They may have had a few beers and feel more congenial.

Maybe look for a professional musician to give them some guidance. In due course, your teenage kids will have sharpened their skills, and with time; even your neighbors will no longer see it as just noise! If the kids make it, the neighbors can all feel they played their part.

Once they have perfected their skills, and you feel they are ready (ask the advice from musicians who are professionals) seek out a good Nashville based record company.

You never know where all this will end up. So go on, give the kids a break.


Provide a comfortable, reduced noise place in your garage for your kids to practice playing their band. Garageworks will offer you the solutions. 

Your kids will know they have the coolest parents around, they will be much safer, and you get to help in their passions.


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