Fixing and Installing Garage Door Cable

A garage door cable is formed by cutting individual wires together and forming strands. Then the strands are slashed together to form cables. Using the tension provided by the springs, the garage door cables lift the door’s weight. This is the reason they’re an extremely important part of the garage door. As the door opens, the cables extend around the drums. Furthermore, when the door closes, they disentangle from the drums.

An indication of broken garage door cables is a garage door hanging at an angle or stuck halfway. Together with springs, cables control the garage door’s motion and tension.  Over time, these garage door cables may weaken or break due to wear and other conditions. However, fraying or wearing of the garage door cables is the primary reason for their malfunction or deterioration.

Small wires make up the garage door cable. These wires will individually start to break apart when a garage door cable starts deteriorating. When a cable starts fraying, it is easily visible. However, if the fraying starts early on, it might be difficult to spot.  Therefore, the best way to spot fraying of garage door cables is regularly checking your garage door cables for it. In case you notice fraying of garage door cable, you’ll need to fix or replace that cable.

Often, garage door cable installation or replacement can be challenging. Furthermore, unless you’re sure you can fix the garage door cable safely and properly, you shouldn’t try doing that. When attempting to repair your garage door cable, several things can go haywire including damage or injury and the entire door coming off. Therefore, replacing the garage door cable or new garage door cable installation is the only viable option you have. Now, you can either do this yourself or hire a trained technician.

In case you choose the former, you must ensure that you have all the materials in place to complete the job. Furthermore, you must take measurement of the garage door because the size of the cable is dependent upon the size of the door. Generally, the equipment you’ll require for this DIY project include sockets, winding bars, gloves, stepping ladder, replacement cables, safety glasses, wrenches, and locking pliers. When carrying out garage door cable installation, be wary of small cable frays and pointed edges. This will help you to avoid injury.

There are three types of garage door cables i.e. torsion cables, extension spring door cables and safety cables. Your garage door cable installation process will be determined by the type of garage door cable you require replacing. Therefore, to find out the right way to install garage door cables, you must determine the cable you want to install and then find the appropriate installation method for it.

Nonetheless, here’s a piece of advice—in order to ensure desired alignment and smooth operation, equally adjust the tension on each side of the door. Also, garage door cable installation is not easy. Therefore, you should let a professional handle it for you.