The garage is just like any other space in your home that you can use to its full extent. Unfortunately, it becomes a place where you just store your car and home supplies, and a very disorganized one at that. If not well maintained, your garage can become a drab and dusty place, filled with cobwebs and spiders that make it appear completely displeasing to the eye.

The beauty of the matter is that garages have the potential to be so much more appealing and attractive than that. You just need to show some TLC when it’s needed and organize it better to make it a more practical space for your home. We will outline some of the ways here that you can make that happen with your garage.

It can be an awesome experience doing DIY projects for your garage, but it depends a bit on your budget. But don’t worry too much about it; your garage will add to the value of your home when you make it look amazing and more practical than before.

Organize Your Fishing Rod Collection

Organize Your Fishing Rod Collection
Do you love to go on fishing trips? Do you have gear such as fishing rods, tackle, and more that just lies around the garage gathering dust? If you answered these two questions with a resounding yes, then we have some news for you!

You can avoid the hassle of the fishing lines getting tangled every time you decide to go on a fishing trip when you have a DIY fishing rod organizer to help. This keeps your most prized rods and tackles neatly arranged in your garage, just ready to be picked up at a moment’s notice when you feel like going for a fishing trip.

The parts you need are simple. You need a 3-inch diameter PVC pipe with holes drilled at intervals to place your prized fishing rods. You will also require a swimming pool noodle. We’ll get to the use of that in a bit.

Having four-inch spaces between the PVC pipes seems an appropriate distance for your fishing rods. Drill one-inch holes separated by the four-inch distance in the PVC pipe. These holes will act as a place-holder for your rods. Then comes the pool noodle. It needs to be lined up with the wall after cutting slits in the noodle at intervals of four inches. The noodles need to line up on the wall so that at least two of the slits you made sit over the studs.

Place a fender washer by pulling the two slits over the studs apart and proceed to screw the noodle to the wall with two-inch screws. Put the PVC pipe in place at a comfortable height under the pool noodle arrangement and screw it on securely.

Place your fishing rods in the PVC pipe holes and voila! Your fishing rod organizer is raring and ready to be used, playing its part in organizing your garage.
Tangles? What tangles?

Giving Your Car the Royal Treatment with Well-Organized and Easy-to-Reach Car Care Products

Car Care Products
If you have a car that you use daily, you should consider yourself lucky. It saves you a lot of money over the long run. Even if it is not a brand-new car and you bought it used from a dealership, it still is something you should be thankful for.

It’s given you the comfort of being able to get to work on time without having to stand out in the heat for public transport (only to find that there are no seats available, so now you must stand on your way to work).

It certainly means that you should treat your car with respect and dignity. What better way to do this than to have products to wax it over the weekend and keep it running smoothly? Car care products are the ideal way to give your car the royal treatment that it deserves. It is also a way for you to ensure that it returns the favor, by increasing the car’s longevity.

Your garage can become crowded and disorganized, which drains away your time, even when you do decide that your car needs the love and care it deserves. Don’t you just hate it when you spend all that money on car care products, only to find that you can’t find them amidst the clutter. Now you can organize your garage easily when it comes to your car care products.

You can organize your car’s lubricants, tools, fluids, and more with a table or shelf work cabinet specifically designed for your car care products. You can have a cabinet specifically designed with a special fold up door to keep this spick-and-span.

This cabinet can help you keep a tidy garage and you can even have paper towels hung from the folding door if you choose to add a carrier for them. Every time you work on your car, you will not have to worry about your hands being dirty as you make your way back inside your house.

Improve Your Garage Organization with Folding Lawn Chair Wall Brackets

Folding Lawn Chair Wall Brackets
You may have had the urge to buy a set of foldable lawn chairs at some point in time. After all, they do make nice additions to your lawn or patio when you think of sitting outside and enjoying yourself on a lazy weekend morning.

But what happens when you store these lawn chairs in your garage? Clutter. That’s what. You need to find a way to rid yourself of the clutter to organize your garage without having to get rid of those gorgeous lawn chairs.

Enter the “lumber brackets” for hanging lawn chairs. You just need two pieces of scrap lumber with 1×4 dimensions. The wall brackets can be formed easily by cutting into the lumber and attaching them safely and securely onto your wall to hang your lawn chairs.

You need to cut the boards into 7.75-inch long pieces with a 30-degree incline (to hang your chairs, of course) on both ends of the lumber boards. Using three long screws (2-3 inch), you need to fasten these pieces of lumber board into the protruding wall studs, directly across from each other.

Be careful of the height if you are thinking of having more than one set of these wall brackets. You only need one set to hang one of the lawn chairs and you need to account for the folded length of the chairs when you hang them. If done right, this will provide you with the best place to hang your foldable lawn chairs and organize your garage.

Sliding Shelves

Sliding Shelves
Sliding shelves are a wonderful thing. They can hide away things that you rarely use into places you can easily find them. They can also be used for things that are important to you and you would like to keep away from the kids. These include medicines, liquor bottles, thinner, and some cleaning supplies.

We all know how easily these things find their way to the garage, and to organize your garage by using sliding shelves and cabinets is to make sure that these things are always in place and you have easy access to them when you need them most.

A Place to Store Your Sports Equipment

A Place to Store Your Sports Equipment

Garages are the perfect place to store different kinds of balls, including footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, tennis balls, and even baseballs. You can find an easy place to store these balls and retrieve them when you want to shoot some hoops with friends or go to soccer or baseball practice.

But where is that place exactly? A custom-made shelf/cabinet! Where else?

A storage space built into the walls is economical as it allows you to make use of the most natural of instincts when it comes to balls and even gear. A throw-n-go cabinet that is custom made allows you to have a place to store your basketballs and rugby balls by just throwing them when you’re done playing. You can also have a large hollow space to organize your sports equipment in the garage.

The hollow space in the middle of the cabinet can be used for storing your baseball bats as well as your golf bag filled with your most prized clubs and golf balls. The different shelf compartments on each side of this hollow space can easily be used for storing items such as helmets, roller skates, catchers’ mitts, and more.

Plus, if your shelf is flat on the top, it can be a convenient place for even more sports supplies to go in plastic baskets. You can even augment the space by having two simple nails drilled and planted in place as hangers for your rackets. What more of a sports storage place could you want?

Storage Bins Are a Problem No More

Storage Bins

And you thought that organizing your garage involved having everything arranged into big plastic storage bins. Psst, here’s a little-known fact: These bins, if large enough in size and number, will take away the space from your garage.

That’s why you need something to hold them in their place over the garage floor, leaving more space for you to walk around and do some work around the garage. One of the best ways to do this is to have ceiling brackets to store your storage bins. Sounds redundant when said like that, but it works for sure.

Start by screwing on 2×2 lengths of lumber to the ceiling framing with 3.5-inch screws spaced every two feet apart. These form the base where you will screw on the 1×4 planks of lumber. The size of the bins will determine how far apart the three 2x2s will be. The 2x2s need to touch the surface of the lid of the bins ever so slightly to allow you to slide them across the structure into place.

Next, you need to attach the 1×4 planks at the very center of the 2×2 planks and use 2-inch screws to hold them firmly in place. Thus, your bins can be stored overhead, containing light and medium “cluttering” items like Christmas decorations, camping or beach gear, and other seasonal items so that they or the bins that they are in no longer clutter your garage floor, leaving it more organized.

More Ideas

A DIY Work Bench

A DIY Work Bench

Many people like to use their garage space as a “two-fer,” meaning that they have reserved some part of it to park their car, and the rest of the garage can be used for hobbies or woodwork. This is especially true if your hobby is your work and you do woodcraft or mechanical repairs for a living at home.

This is when you need a rolling work bench the most. A rolling work bench provides the utmost utility and practicality to your workspace in the garage and organizes your garage greatly by having a place for everything and having everything in its rightful place. All your tools can be stored neatly and organized so you minimize the time you spend searching for the tools, instead of using them.

Your garage workshop can be considered complete with the tools and equipment you need for it to function better. You can carry out your wood and mechanical works easily with the help of a rolling work bench because it moves wherever in your garage you need it most.

This also allows you to have greater space in your garage when you work, professionally or as a hobby, by parking the car outside for the duration of time that you carry out the work. This allows more usable space for you to work with and make the most out of the space you have.

And after all that work is done, you can roll the work bench back into place (placing it next to a wall) so that there is more space for you to park your car and walk around.

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