Ultimate Guide to Buying a Garage Door

This Ultimate Garage door buying guide enhance the beauty and raise the value of your home. There are a wide variety of patterns, and colors available for garage doors. The price of the garage doors may vary depending on the size, material, and type. 

This guide will help you in understanding the process of selecting and purchasing a garage door.

How to shop for a garage door

Size of garage door

The primary thing that you will need to consider for buying a garage door is its size. The standard size for the single-car garages is around 8-9 feet wide, and its height may vary from 7-8 feet. For double car garages, the width may be double in size, and height might be the same unless the garage contains a truck. The height of the garage, including it, will be around 10 feet tall. Prior to selecting a garage door you will need to have the opening measured by a professional to insure that you get the right fit.

Budget of garage door

Cost is one of the highest priorities for most home owners when buying a garage door, and depends on various factors like insulation, hardware, size, material, and other factors. With a wide variety of options comes a wide variety of cost. You as the home owner will be responsible for making sure that you get the right garage door with the right features. Our skilled and professional technicians can assist you in navigating the seemingly endless options to find the perfect feature set to match your needs and budget.

Types of garage doors

The most used materials for the garage doors are wood, steel, fiberglass in the basic configuration. Here are some options you will want to consider when purchasing a garage door.

Single-Layer: Contains a single outer layer of material that is light weight and easily affordable. A single-layered garage door contributes minimal insulation.

Double-Layer: A layer of polystyrene will be present between inner and outer skins of the garage door. This layer provides an insulating value from R-4 to R-7.

Triple-Layer: A layer of steel inside the door to protect the insulating layer. A triple-layered garage door is the strongest and provides high thermal resistance above R-15 that are available in the market.


Types of garage doors

There are a variety of methods for garage doors; shoppers can find the exact fit with the home.

Carriage style: Recollective of historic carriage house doors, these are the best fit for old homes, but can add a unique look to any exterior. They look alike swing kind doors but can move freely like modern operating garage doors. Carriage style doors can design with the desired materials.

Classic Style: Classic style garage doors can operate manually or automatically to open the door. These doors can opt for different colors and insulation choices. Can customize the garage door with any type you wish to.

Raised Panel: There are flush panels, long raised panels, and short raised panels, known for their character. These add a strange style to the garage door and the home. Garageworks offers a wide variety of styles at an affordable prices.


Materials of a Garage Door

The materials used in a garage door have advantages and disadvantages. Consumers can choose materials based on their lifestyle and resources.

Wood: Wood can be easily affordable due to its availability. It is comparatively easy to customize, and its oppressive nature provides durability. Cedar, Redwood, and cypress have moisture-resistant properties. Still, wood is not that insulating, adding a polystyrene layer to it can extend its longevity. Generally, wood needs to refinished regularly, and its strength becomes weak over time. Tilt-up doors, roll-up doors are commonly seen, and out, or in-swing carriage doors are rare.

Composite wood: Recycled wood and polystyrene insulation combine to form composite lumber. Composite wood provides resistance to rot, water, and cracks. The composite woods are stylish, Eco-friendly, secure, and energy-efficient. The maintenance on composite wood garage doors can be low. These doors are light compared to wood but still have a more solid look and feel. Composite wood garage doors can have a variety of style choices, and the homeowners can match their exterior paint to the garage door.

Steel: Steel avoids rust, dings, and dents, though its maintenance required can be less than wood doors. Steel garage doors are extremely insulated, and its exterior layers can design as they look like desired materials. Steel garage doors can be designed uniquely with the paintings, moldings, and other coatings.

Aluminum: Aluminum is an ideal fit if you are looking for a lightweight garage door. The maintenance of these doors is incredibly low, can be handy in the time of design. These days glass and acrylic panels are set in aluminum frames.

Vinyl: Vinyl garage doors are easy to maintain; they are waterproof and difficult to dent. Vinyl garage doors will not rot and won’t allow insects to penetrate . Tough vinyl has less colors and design options, and these colors can spread through all layers.

Fiberglass: A material that shows resistance to water, rot, moisture, insects, and humidity is fiberglass. Fiberglass will be strong and stable if a steel frame surrounds it. It can also imitate many other colors and textures and patterns. The single-layer door can save money, but it can quickly get brittle.

The materials mentioned above express good designs and stand unique. An important thing to consider is insulation. With proper insulation in the garage door, every penny you spend on it adds value to it. Functional insulation blocks outside air from entering and the air within from flowing out.

R-value of the material, used in garage door construction controls the garage door insulation. R-value measures how well a particular type of insulation tolerates heat flow. An R-value of 0.0 means the door is uninsulated. All may not prefer temperature regulations for the garage.

Some involve:
Slight insulation: If the R-value is 6.3 /6.5, it provides a secondary level of protection.

Sufficient insulation: If the R-value is 12.9 and above, it guards the garage and retains heat and cooled air

High insulation: If the R-value is 18.4 and above, it is a high insulation. It maintains the room and the garage at the same temperature.

R-values of significant garage door materials are listed below:

Wood: R-value ranges from R-3 to R-6.

Composite wood: R-value ranges from R-5to R-8.

Steel: R-value ranges from R-6 to R-17

Aluminum: The R-value of aluminum is negligible.

Vinyl: R-value ranges from R-4 to R-12

Fiberglass: R-value ranges from R-4 to R-12

For a moderate climate, the garage door should have minimum R-value of 3, and for severe climate changes, preferable R-value is ten or above.


Other accessories required for the garage door

Apart from the size, material, insulation, and others, here are some other options that need to be considered: 

Springs: Garage door springs are very important for the garage door system. These insert extension springs on the sides of tilt-up doors that spread and recoil to give lifting capability. Torsion springs are highly effective at spreading the weight evenly and provide extended support. They should set well; if they break, they can fly off and lead to extensive damage and/or injury.

Door Openers: Garage door openers are often automatic these days. They have powerful, long-lasting motors, and photoelectric sensors can stop and reverse a garage door if it found an obstacle in its way. Garage doors can open using remote control transmitters, and these are very small in size, which can fit in pockets. These operations carried out using programmable codes. Some garage door opener manufacturers designed the openers with android/iOS compatible.

Garage door systems include safety cables, bearing plates, rollers, couplers, tracks, brackets, nuts, and bolts.

Some other options to be considered are:

  • Hardware like handles, deadbolt locks, and decorative components.
  • Windows provide natural light, a popular option for the garage doors, and add elegance too.
  • Garage door bottom seals to remain drafts and rain out.
  • Whether seals between sectional panels.

Advantages of Replacing a Garage Door

replacing garage door
The garage door itself is highly essential and needs consistent maintenance.  Replacing the garage door will have a prominent impression on the garage and the home. The benefits of replacing the garage door are listed below. Increased value Replacing the garage door raises the value of the home and can help attract the buyers quickly. Homes with a right garage door have higher chance of a quick sell. Entry Garage doors have become the main entry for homes for most people. Privacy If privacy is important to you then choosing the right garage door will be essential to keep prying eyes out of your garage. Many garage doors have windows and other features that do not promote privacy. Appearance A new garage door enhances the beauty of the home. A new garage door will make the home unique with its appearance. Check out our garage door style guide! Cooling and heating costs when using a garage as a work area, then need to focus on the rates of heating and cooling. An insulated garage door keeps the air inside the garage cool in summer and hot during winter. This method boosts the profits and saves energy. Reduces the maintenance Replacing the garage door reduces the amount of support to the garage door. Protection Replacing the garage door intensifies the safety of the garage. Highly insulated garage doors can protect the belongings other than cars from rough weather conditions. Upgraded garage door provides advanced security from the theft and delivers high protection. Improved Utility Proper insulated and sealed garage door can turn the garage into an enjoyable space and provides comfort. That comfortable space can turn into a playroom for kids or a studio.

Where to Buy Garage Doors

buy garage doors

The best place to buy garage doors is Garageworks on Nashville TN. Our garage door professionals can assist and help you in taking the necessary measurements and in the selection of materials and other options. 

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How to buy from Garageworks

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