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We may be grossly exaggerating but not too far from the truth when we say that females prefer a clean, well organized environment. This is the same for both kitchens and … the lowly garage. 

If you are a female that wants to start a project, but cannot stand the idea of spending all that time in a smelly garage or a guy that wants to involve your partner more in your mechanical projects, this is also for you.

We want to show you how to organize your garage in simple steps. We will also discuss how to maximize the available space in the most advantageous way possible.

Not only that but to make the garage a female friendly place.

But how? Have you seen the junk in my garage?

Many times, the garage is a space that we simply ignore. They are a messy place to be right? However, they are still part of the house. Therefore, we must see them not only as something functional but also as a place that can be decorated. You want the lady of the house in there … you got to sort it out. We start out by using the garage as a place just to store the car. Then, as time goes by, you also store everything that does not fit in the home but may be of use in the future. Junk City. Organization is the key to a female friendly garage.

What you should keep in mind to organize your garage

mind thinking

To organize your garage in simple steps, first of all, you must think about the size of the car or motorcycle that you are going to store there. Without a doubt, they are main element that can will take up most space. 

The second is to think about the functionality flow you are after and then adapt any decoration with that in mind.
With a good design sense, you will manage to combine both perfectly.

The reality of the garage

In general, garages are poorly lit places where dark colors tend to predominate. We should try to change this as much as possible, for example, by painting the walls with light colors. You should also choose paints that are ‘dink’ resistant and easy to clean.

Ideas to Decorate the Garage of Your House

Let’s begin with lighting. Good lighting is important. Most likely, there are small or no windows in the garage, which is why it becomes a dreary space. 

There are various lighting ideas that can really enhance a dreary garage.

Spot lighting is rarely seen in a garage setting, but it is great for showing off projects or directing more light at your workspace. Ambient lighting really warms up a garage and will draw your partner in to take a look at your … er … ‘gizmo’. Don’t just settle for only full strip beam lighting which is both brutal and ugly, both female adverse.

Although it will depend on the size of each garage, it never hurts to consider storage spaces.

Next, we want to give you some ideas to take into account when reordering your garage in simple steps:


#1 Shelves


If there is enough space, we recommend covering one or more walls with shelves. Thus, we will achieve new storage spaces that do not occupy much space themselves.

The most usual are the metal ones that are used in kitchens since their shelves hold a lot of weight without warping. They support many types of loads, some very heavy. They are also quite trendy which is female friendly after all.

Also, garage shelves are adjustable. Therefore, these shelves are very versatile and functional. Irregular shaped or differing heights can be accommodated.

They are very easy to acquire, since they are available at most home depot stores or online. Moreover, its assembly is not complication. In fact … often … no screws are necessary.

If we do not store a vehicle and we are going to use our garage as a great big storage room, these shelves are a good option. They should reach the highest part of the wall, and cover as much space as possible.

Other options that you can take into account are:

  • Cabinetsthat you can build yourself.
  • Lockers(like those of the institutes), reused to store objects of all kinds.
  • Filing cabinets, to which we can also give a storage function. Although filing cabinets and lockers are not female friendly


#2 Hooks and supports

If you like DIY or mechanics, you need to dedicate part of the garage to it. 

Moreover, it is possible to create a mini-workshop without taking up too much space. You can use a folding le for example which will not take up too much space when you are not using it.

By placing vertical panels on the walls, you can hang all the tools or other objects, such as the garden care tools. For larger tools you can opt for pallets, you just have to place them vertically on the wall.

With this vertical arrangement, they will occupy space efficiently, even though they are large.

For this reason, it is advisable to place hooks, pegs and supports on the walls. You should always keep in mind to place them at various heights.

Also, this is not only useful for small objects; you can also hang bikes for example, it works!

If the ceiling is high enough, another possibility is to store that bike with hanging drawers. They allow you to free much space on the ground.

#3 Boxes

Boxes are ideal for smaller objects that are easier to lose. That way, they will all be in the same place only in a more organized way.

The multipurpose plastic boxes are perfect for placing on your shelves. It is better if its interior is totally smooth so that it takes advantage of the maximum possible space.

Also, many are stack-able, they tend to have a high load capacity and high impact resistance.


#4 Antique wooden chest with metal rivets on the edges and corners

Without a doubt, they are a simple and economical solution. You can also place them on trolleys with wheels, to make it easier to transport. 

It would be ideal to have a lid. So do not settle on a box only … keep looking.

Another option is to buy vertical dividers to divide the inside of the larger boxes. Thus, it increases their functionality. It would be like creating two or more independent compartments.


The garage is just a part of the house to park the vehicle, isn’t it? No, as you can see in reality it also becomes our go to place to store our non essential belongings. 

Hopefully, with these tips give your garage more space. Think that with a little creativity and order, you can get a decorative, practical, and functional space. Organizing your garage was never so easy.

We are sure that, no matter the size and style of your garage these solutions can be adapted to your storage needs.

Do you have some other ways to organize your garage? What about you ladies? What tips do you have for organization or if YOU are the DIY expert … how do you organize your garage? Let us know in the comments below!

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