Smart Home Tech for the Garage and Smart Garage Ideas

Smart Garage Technologies

Millions of homeowners have hopped aboard the smart tech revolution. By the year 2022, over 60 million American homes could meet the qualifications of a “smart” home.

The smart tech wave has swept the nation. Security apps, appliances, and even lighting fixtures can link to your mobile devices. Whether you are at home or on the go, a swipe of the finger can take care of any tasks you might have.

Now, smart tech is finding its way into your garage! For busy individuals, the “smart” way offers security for what you treasure. And convenience for the busy individual. What can smart tech do for your garage? Let’s find out!


Choosing your Smart Tech Type

smart tech type
smart tech type

Many homes or shops are accessible through the garage. Attached or detached garages offer many of the same positive benefits to their users. They often act as an extra barrier of safety for their vehicles from harsh weather and vehicle theft. And they provide storage options for smaller homes.

Garages also are multipurpose additions that can double as hobby rooms or workspaces. How can smart tech address the custom needs of so many unique individuals? What do you want from garage smart technology? There may be an app for that! And if there isn’t–there probably will be soon!


Security with Garage Door Devices

garage door security
garage door security

On matters of security, smart tech has become a reliable problem solver. Open garage doors are easy pickings for sticky fingers. If you’ve ever forgotten to shut your garage door, you know what panic feels like. It’s not an experience you’d like to repeat. And many others share a similar perspective. 

Now, smart tech garage door openers are addressing spouts of forgetfulness in a big way! They are attractive to many different types of people. Here are some ways smart technology is helping homeowners to breathe a sigh of relief:

  1. Many smart garage gadgets provide a monitoring system. They notify you via your smartphone if your garage door has been left open. Once you’ve received the alert, you can shut or open the door from your phone as needed.
  2. You can receive precautionary alerts via your phone. If anyone has opened or shut your door recently, you’ll receive a notification.
  3. If you want your garage door to be accessible to those close to you, no worries! There are devices with an option to allow unlimited access to those you choose. Many of the apps linked to smart devices ensure security by having users insert codes or passwords before operating the door.
  4. Via wireless remote, you can engage the open and close function of your door opener from wherever you are! As long as you have an internet connection, you can be in a different country and still track any garage activity.
  5. Connectivity is a convenient characteristic of the smart devices on the market today. Through the use of Z-wave technology, you can connect to a home smart network. Devices with this feature give you control over your “smart devices” from any smartphone.
  6. Do you want an extra eye guarding your property? There are garage door opener kits that include high-quality cameras for monitoring. To spot illegal entry, the camera can share a full view of the garage door. It also includes infrared night vision for night invaders.
  7. For some, add-on smart devices that work with your pre-existing opener make the most sense. For others, a “smart” designed door opener unit is the more appealing option. One unit versus many is ideal for those who prefer those “all-in-one” bundles.
  8. Without having to push a button your garage door opens. It’s a miracle–or a sensor device. And a perk that the Garage Beacon device offers. An app connected to the beacon allows you to close and open the door at will.
  9. Some smart devices keep costs down and convenience up. There’s a “free” app available to let friends and family open and close your garage door. When you use something called the Garage Mate, you’ll have a friend in the smart world for life! And it also features one-tap control to make garage operation even simpler.
  10. Some garage door opener devices store information to ensure your garage door activity is not out of the ordinary. Do you need to check how many times your door was opened during a certain day? Have you found some valuables missing from your garage in the past months? You can check the open/shut door history and perhaps discover some pertinent information.
  11. What happens if you have an older garage door opener model? Smart device inventors have accounted for that. They’ve created versatile smart devices that work with decades’ old garage openers. And these same devices produce audio-visual notifications to keep you attuned to any garage door movement that occurs.
  12. Do you love to use Siri? There is a garage door opener for you! Using iSmart Gogogate specifically, you can program doors via your router device to open when you get home. If Siri isn’t your preference, there are some options available that connect to Alexa. Siri and Alexa may require specific opener kits to connect to their services.

With so many smart devices to choose from it can be difficult to make a decision. To help narrow it down, it might be prudent to ask yourself:

  • What do I need from a smart device?
    • What can I afford to spend?
    • What area of the home is my main focus?
    • Does this device make sense for my lifestyle and goals?
    • How easy is it to operate?
    • What are my safety concerns?
    • How often will I use smart tech?

Asking yourself a few of these questions can save you time and money. Smart tech should make your life easier, not cause unneeded stress or worry.


Other Security Options

Many people use garage door opener add-ons or smart garage door opener units for added security. If you want more protection, smart technology offers even more solutions. Is your garage detached? Is it attached? Quality Smart Lock devices are adaptable to any type. Smart Locks keep criminals out and peace of mind close at hand. Does your garage have a side door? A smart lock is just one more addition that makes sense for your safety. Smart locks: 

  • Are an extra barrier against intruders.
    • Allow you to lock or unlock your door from your smart device.
    • Can be scheduled to lock at the same time each day.
    • Prevent you from searching for the right key. You don’t have to worry about a surplus of keys weighing you down!
    • Gives quick access when it’s needed most. Prowlers often come out at night. A barrier like a door between you and danger can turn a bad outcome into a life-saving moment.
    • Can be operable through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart locks along with garage door openers promote efficiency. Efficiency is a valuable asset to individuals who are always on the go. Your time is priceless. It can mean everything to your business, your family and your safety. Smart technology puts the control directly in your hands. Smart locks and openers can lighten burdens by taking care of important but menial tasks. They worry about the small details so you can focus on the bigger picture!



Hobbyists, mechanics, carpenters or anyone who uses their garage for more than a parking space understand the importance of lighting and temperature control. Smart technology has come up with solutions that work for not only your home but your garage. Since the inception of “she sheds and “man caves,” it seems creative use of space knows no bounds! 

While garage door openers safeguard your valuables, other smart devices can add light and warmth to any room! Check out these convenient and helpful smart additions that turn where you park your car into an inviting space:


Smart Plugs

smart plugs
smart plugs

If your garage is your workshop, chances are you have tools (or their batteries) plugged in all the time. Plugged in tools and appliances (that aren’t in use) do use energy. You can save energy and keep electricity costs down by using Smart Plugs.

Smart plugs allow you to turn on and off the outlet from your smart device whenever you like. If you need batteries to be charged overnight, no problem! You just schedule the plug to shut off in the morning.


Smart Thermostats

smart thermostats
smart thermostats

If you want to save even more energy, a smart thermostat can be a positive investment. For homes with attached garages that aren’t insulated well, heating and cooling can get expensive. Drafty garages can let too much heat escape and make the space difficult to work in. 

Some smart thermostat devices can adjust the temperature to an eco-friendly setting. When you are out of the room you don’t have to sweat those electrical bills. You can also adjust the temperature via your smartphone for long trips out of town.

Residential painters who use their garage as a control area appreciate smart thermostats. Certain paint types need controlled heating conditions to dry. Hobbyists also enjoy the perks of being able to craft their masterpieces in comfort. Cold temperatures shouldn’t stop creativity!


Smart Lights

Smart Lights
smart lights

Most garage door openers have lights that turn on when the door is opened. The lights help guide vehicles safely into the garage. What about the other lights in your garage? If your garage is a workspace or a family fun hangout, chances are someone might forget to turn off the light. Smart technology has figured out a way to keep you out of the dark! Smart light bulbs can be scheduled to lighten, dim or shut off via your device. 

You Choose What’s Best for Your Needs

Smart tech is here to help you live life better. Some people use smart technology for security. Others use it for convenience. Some use it for both. Whatever your reason, smart tech keeps you in control and up-to-date. There are many smart garage tech devices to choose from. You can find many different sizes, types, styles, and prices.
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