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Our trained and experienced staff is here to help you with all your garage door repair needs. Garageworks located in Nashville Tennessee has been providing honest quality service at affordable prices in all the surrounding areas since 2004. Our professional technicians specialize in all things garage door including garage door openers, springs, screens, remotes, keypads and much more. Garageworks can provide all the right options and work with you to help find the best solution for your family and your family’s budget.

Garage Door Repair Done Right!

Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to make our industry leading service guarantee the best in town. Additionally, we will repair your garage door quickly and at a reasonable price. Maintaining the highest standards in customer service and quality of workmanship is always our priority.

Safety Inspection

Don’t overlook the importance of maintaining the safe operation of your garage door.  We will inspect every moving part, identify any weak points and repair any component which could cause a dangerous malfunction before it becomes an expensive repair.

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If you are looking for garage door repair and installation experts in Nashville, Tennessee and nearby areas, look no further as we have all that it takes to make your garage problems, a thing of the past. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get by choosing us:

Expertly Trained and Qualified

Leaving garage door problem repairs to unskilled or inexperienced technicians can be a waste of your time and money at best and a sacrifice of your home’s safety at worst. However, our team of seasoned and qualified technicians will ensure that everything is properly fixed, so you don’t have to worry about any extra problems in the near future.

Free Estimates and Great Prices

Call us to discuss your garage door repair for free or send us a contact form message so we can come and examine the problem and offer you a free estimate that accurately reflects the cost, the course of action, and the time we’ll need to get the work done.

We value your safety

We are fully aware that some problems can quickly place your home and family at risk and should be resolved quickly in an appropriate manner so you can have an ease of mind that nothing bad will happen.

Garage Door Repairs Done Right

We take pride in our work and stop at nothing to ensure the proper function of your garage door. Since 2004 Garageworks has been the go-to garage door repair company in Nashville.

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Garage Door Repair Overview

Garage doors are something that we all use on a daily basis. Because we use our garage doors regularly they also need regular maintenance. However, not all homeowners pay attention to the maintenance of garage doors. When left neglected or improperly maintained, garage doors can quickly develop issues such as:

Transmitter batteries are getting empty

This may appear too obvious, but your batteries need sufficient amounts of power to function. Once they get empty, there will be no signal forwarded to open up and close your garage door.

Track not arranged in a proper manner.

If the track of the garage door isn’t properly set and arranged, this can spell trouble. The track your door is based on has to be arranged in the right position so that your garage door can move freely. If there are empty spaces between the metal rail and the rollers, there is a problem.

Transmitter problems

There are a few factors that may prevent the normal functioning of your transmitter. A common cause may be that you are simply out of the scope of your garage door. Every single garage door and transmitter mechanism operates within a specific scope. Therefore, if you attempt to open it even a few meters away or before you can even see it, you are simply too far for it to work.

Antenna problems

Faulty or damaged antennas can prevent the communication of signals that are responsible for garage door opening and closing. This is why it would be wise to ensure that your antenna is placed down from the motor system inside your garage and there is no blockage on its way. If you can’t figure this on your own, we can inspect and fix it for you.

A block or obstacle that hinders the door’s path

Garage doors are generally wired to follow a reversing pattern that stops the crashing of objects along their way. If your garage door shuts halfway through and then moves back, there may be something that blocks it e.g a tool, toy or even metal cans and garbage.

Garage door limits are improperly built

In some occasions, you will see that your garage door shuts all the way through and then moves back instead of keeping its shut placement. If you have an older/outdated model or the opposite, you have a newly set-up garage door; you are most likely going to experience this issue. However, you don’t have to worry. We can easily fix this or carry out a full replacement of your unit, in case there is no possible fix.

Damaged or broken springs.

Garage doors typically have torsion springs or extension springs.  Springs below your garage door are subject to a great deal of friction. Springs are necessary for controlling the weights required to open the door, and if there is something off, things can become dangerous, and you may risk getting an injury.
If your garage door doesn’t seem to move up and you are sure that there is no problem with the transmitters or the power of the motor, perhaps your springs are faulty or damaged. This can often trigger a loud noise that stems from the inside of the garage. In case you notice any of the following, it’s best to consult a professional team of technicians like us, to inspect the function of the sprigs and carry out all necessary repairs.

Disconnect switch getting activated.

If there is an obvious noise that indicates your garage door is moving at its usual opening and closing speed, but your door doesn’t seem to move up or down, perhaps your disconnecting switch is accidentally switched on.

Tension springs or cables are damaged.

Besides regular springs, garage doors consist of tension springs and wires which facilitate the lowering of your door safely while shutting down. If these tensions springs are faulty or damaged, your garage door will shut faster than usual, producing a loud noise once it touches the ground. This is a very hazardous problem as your garage door will be free to move and crush something on its way, without anything stopping it.

Circuit breaker or fuse issues.

The circuit breaker and fuse are one of the smallest components of your garage door. However, if there is a problem with it e.g it has been hit or burned out, this will be enough to make your garage door dysfunctional, due to the fact that all units are linked to each other.

And these are only some of the reasons why your garage door isn’t working properly as you would expect. If you keep ignoring any of these issues, your garage door will simply fail to move or worse, the safety of your home and family will be compromised.

While the garage doors operate with the help of a non-complex mechanism, their regular movement up and down is something that you need to pay attention to, before any maintenance issues arise. Even something minor like a transmitter problem or a small blockage throughout the door’s pathway can lead to serious problems. And this where we can come in and offer our help!


We at Garage Door Services are a team of maintenance and repair experts, proudly serving Tennessee-Nashville ever since 2004. We have worked on thousands of repairing projects over the years, and our customers can rely on us for an unparalleled service experience, 24/7. Our team of professionals can undertake any garage door problem of any nature including but not limited to: screen repairs, spring checks, and repairs, replacements of various units, remote checks and repairs, keypads, and more. We examine your problem and come-up with handy solutions that fully comply with your needs, specifications, expectations, and of course your budget. Just check our multiple happy client testimonials for an idea of the service you will get.


  • It is important to find out where the issue lies in the first place before we jump into potential fixes. Issues are usually arising from 3-4 aspects: mechanical motion, power, remote control, and sensors.
  • When the door doesn’t move properly using the manual mechanism, mechanical damage is probably the cause of the problem. Additionally, the rollers and rails may fail and require cleaning or lubrication, springs may need to be rearranged or replaced, or the gear and chain could also be dysfunctional. Power or motor failure can also make the door stop functioning as usual. Furthermore, a problem with the remote sensor and controls can lead to remote function failure.
  • Whatever the cause of the problem, a member of our team will come to your place at a date and time that fits both of us. They will diagnose the problem using an extensive checklist of points (e.g motor sensors, batter checks, springs, tracks, rollers, etc.) and answer all your queries in depth before we come up with a suitable solution for your specific garage door problem. You can rest assured that everything will be thoroughly checked and fixed in a fully professional manner and at a reasonable rate that won’t break your bank. Our technicians are fully qualified and count over a decade of experience in troubleshooting and fixing a wide range of garage door problems. Your satisfaction is our commitment!


Many garage door owners may be wondering if their garage door problems can be easily fixed or if there is a need for full replacement and re-installation. As professional service providers, we get these types of client requests and concerns at least 3X a month. However, you don’t have to worry as we can get this cleared up for you.

We can either discuss the matter on the phone or even come to your place, diagnose the problem, and tell you which is the most appropriate option out of these two. Sometimes, the problem is minor, e.g. a small blockage or a faulty circuit breaker can be easily repaired–however, too many problems at once or major issues may call for a partial unit replacement or a full replacement and re-installation of your garage door. And in some cases, full replacement may be more cost-effective compared to partial unit replacements, especially when several problems are appearing at once.

We repair or install garage doors, springs, cables, rails, openers and more.

We have experience with a wide range of garage door brands and models.

We can work successfully with virtually any garage door opener or remote system model. Our team of experts can check the current status of your door opener and offer you free estimates for the best door opener that fits your needs.

Check out our website for special printed offers or simply give us a call for more info on our specials so you can get the most out of your buck, without any sacrifice in the quality or safety of our services and procedures. Our specials are available at a limited time only so hurry up and take advantage of what’s currently available before the prices go up.


An occasional maintenance check will cost on average $75. Check out our section of specials for even further discounts.


The average cost for garage door repairs is between $40 and $300.  The exact costs for repairs will vary based on the unit/component that needs to be fix and the significance of the problem. In smaller unit repairs e.g. rollers, fuses, and springs, costs will typically be as low as $20 and reach up to $40 in some cases. However, the working costs will be $100 on average for the majority of repairs, with a total cost being anywhere between $150 and $300.

We suggest that you consult a professional promptly before issues become worse, or you will have to pay extra fees to fix problems that may have been lingering for a while. If you notice the slightest issue with your garage door or you are suspecting something’s off, don’t waste any more time and call us NOW.

Unlike others, we are not going to waste any of your precious time or money to do a sub-par job that leaves your garage door exposed to more problems in the near future. We always strive to provide cost-effective solutions that are for the benefit of our customers first and adhere to the latest standards of quality, while offering handy advice on how to maintain your garage door properly yourself.

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