Great Garage Storage ad Organization Ideas for Your Garage

The garage storage is a mainstay of most American homes, a fact that is proved in a survey that found 82% of homes have 2-car garages or larger. In fact, a garage is an important consideration for 80% of home buyers, according to an Impulse Research Survey. 

However, times have changed the primary function of the garage space from parking to storage. A Wall Street Journal survey found that 93% of homeowners use the garage for storage. While some may use the garage for parking and storage, the latter has become a primary garage utility.

With these changes and demand for more storage space, it is surprising that most people cannot fully understand their garages because of cluttering. Two studies prove this, with one finding that the garage was the most cluttered space in homes.

The other found that by removing junk, most people would enjoy their garages more. Finally, a study by Gladiator Garage works established that one in four Americans have garages that are too cluttered to fit their car.

The positive thing is more people are taking action to organize their garages and increase storage space. This interest in garage organization is behind the positive performance of the home organization’s projects. Experts project that the industry will hit the $10 billion mark by the end of 2019 at a 4 % compound annual growth rate.

If you are among those seeking to find ways to improve your garage, here are some organizational ideas that will prove helpful.

1. Have a floor plan

Have a floor plan
floor plan

It would be best if you create a floor plan to designate the use of all sections. First, you need to take your garage measurements to determine the space available for you and which systems will work. If your car is inside, take note of the space it takes up so that you know the storage or working space left. Items used together should be stored together in one section. 

Items you frequently use, like bikes, should be stored close to the door. On the other hand, hardly used items should occupy the hard to reach areas.

2. No items on the floor

The simple act of ridding items on the floor creates a new look in your garage, and it becomes spacious. You get more space for your car, movement, and prevent clutter and dirt since cleaning is easier. Any shelving or cabinet units should be raised on legs for space beneath them to allow cleaning access.

3. Go for wall shelves

wall shelves
wall shelves
Wall shelves are easier to install, affordable, and highly versatile. Unlike cabinets, they do not require extra space for opening allowance. Cabinets can also make you lazy to arrange items properly since you can lock up the evidence, and it becomes messy. You may have one cabinet to store items that should be out of reach for children.

4. Fix corner shelves

Corner Shelves
corner shelves
While the main shelves will occupy the garage’s main walls, you can create extra space using corner shelves. They are economical in that you can easily create a rack of them, and most of the sides and support is already in place. They are excellent for storing small items like oils, waxes, and glues that would be easily lost on larger shelves.

5. Racks for long handle equipment

racks for handle equipment
Your shovels, sledgehammers, rakes, and other tools with long handles need a designed area where they can be safely stored without taking much space. A rack that suspends them is perfect for this job and offers quick and easy access.

6. Take advantage of vertical space using storage containers

Storage Container
storage containers

The vertical space in your garage is usually underused or ignored. To take advantage of this, you should get large stackable clear plastic lids with containers. However, instead of the usual stacking from the floor up, fix wire shelves on a blank section of the wall. 

You then fill the spaces with the bins placing the ones with the often-used items on the lower sections. Label the bins to help you identify where different items are.

7. Get a heavy-duty rack

Bulky equipment like generators, lawnmowers, and heavy spare parts can eat up much space if left on the floor or wall shelves. For safety, and efficient storage, get a heavy-duty rack and place it at a corner and store the items there.

8. Install a pegboard

A pegboard offers endless storage possibilities and a neat way to arrange most of your daily tools and items. You can customize the look and size and use several hooks, pegs, and shelves to organize your items and equipment. It is an excellent place to store your power tools, wire bins, step stools, and other light equipment.

9. Make use of overhead space

Finally, you should make use of the space above you. You only need to ensure you have enough allowance for your car. You should also be careful not to interfere with the functioning of your garage door. 

One of the most innovative ways to use the overhead space is to create a strong rack overhead that can house heavier seasonal items. You can also design a ceiling track storage for bins carrying light but bulky stuff such as holiday decorations and sports gear.


At the end of it all, garage organization comes down to two main factors;

  • Eliminating waste and
  • Maximizing the existing space

Our ideas above allow you to achieve all these two targets. Getting creative and styling the garage to your needs increases its functionality and appeal. It also helps boost your home’s value and eliminates the risk of accidents and pests that a cluttered garage has.