Garage Door Repair: Fixing or Replacing Garage Door Track

A problem that many people with garage doors face is a broken or damaged garage door track. Apart from preventing the garage door from functioning properly, a broken or damaged garage door track makes you prone to injury. Therefore, knowing how to fix or replace a broken or damaged garage door track is important. How do perform garage door repair for broken or damaged garage door tracks? Let’s take a look.

Buy a garage door replacement track

The first step in fixing/ replacing the garage door track is buying a garage door replacement track. In order to purchase the right track, contact the garage door manufacturer or a local home improvement store before buying the replacement track.

Remove Hinge pins and rollers

An important step in the fixing or replacing of garage door track is the removal of hinge pins and rollers attached to the door. In some garage doors, you may have to pull the hinge pins out of the rollers while you can remove the pin brackets in other garage doors by simply unscrewing them.

Removal of springs and moving the door

The next step in the process is the removal of the springs used to keep the pulled up garage door open. Once you’ve done this, you need to move the door. Basically, without damaging the rollers pins and hinges on the other track, you need to push the garage door out of the way.

Mark the old track’s location

Before you remove the broken or damaged track, mark the area above and below the track using a marking pen. By doing this, you’ll make aligning the new track easier for yourself.

Remove the track

After you’ve marked the broken or damaged track’s location, remove the track. The screws that secure the track to the wall are what you need to remove first. Start at the bottom and work your way up when removing the screws. By doing this, you’ll ensure that the track doesn’t fall on you while you’re working.

Align and affix the new track

Based on the areas you marked, align the track. Once you’ve done that, affix the new track by screwing it into the wall.

Position the door

Taking help from a professional, re-position the door in a way which allows you to reinstall the rollers and hinges on the door and track.

Re-install hinge pins and rollers

Finally, by screwing them into the door, re-install the hinge pins and rollers. However, you must ensure that they are fitted appropriately in the new track. 

There you have it—how to perform garage door repair for broken or damaged garage door tracks. By following the aforementioned step, you’ll be able to fix or replace garage door track. However, a better way of dealing with broken or damaged garage door track is hiring a trained technician.