Garage Door Lubricant

Using a Garage Door Lubricant

Casey Heinrich   
Nov 01
Lubricating your garage door from time to time is important, irrespective of whether your garage door opens manually or through an electric door opener. If you want to keep your garage door in optimal condition for years to come, you’d be well advised to follow this simple garage door maintenance tip: Lubricate the springs, hinges, rollers, and chains of your garage door to prevent them from rusting or becoming strident. Usually, garage doors that aren’t

Fixing and Installing Garage Door Cable

Casey Heinrich   
Sep 22
A garage door cable is formed by cutting individual wires together and forming strands. Then the strands are slashed together to form cables. Using the tension provided by the springs, the garage door cables lift the door’s weight. This is the reason they’re an extremely important part of the garage door. As the door opens, the cables extend around the drums. Furthermore, when the door closes, they disentangle from the drums. An indication of broken garage door cables is

Garage Door Insulation Installation

Casey Heinrich   
Sep 15
Energy costs are continually rising. In such times, the last thing you’d want is warm air spurting out of your home’s garage. A great way to prevent this air leakage is garage door insulation. There are a number of reasons to insulate a garage door. First and foremost, if you spend a considerable amount of time in the garage then garage door insulation makes perfect sense. Garage door insulation can make your life in the
broken garage door spring

Replacing Broken Garage Door Spring- Here’s What You Need to Know

Casey Heinrich   
Sep 08
Springs break usually with little to no warning. Replacing garage door springs is one of the most dangerous jobs in the service industry and should not be done by a nonprofessional. Knowing the weight/height of the door, the size of the spring width, wire gauge, and cone diameter are the four factors in determining the correct spring for your door. Having the incorrect spring on a door could be lethal. Most all springs installed on
Maintain a garage door

A Guide to Maintaining Your Garage Door

Casey Heinrich   
Sep 02
Most people go out of their way to take care of their cars, electrical appliances, and homes, but when it comes to a garage door, they aren’t so enthusiastic about it. However that kind of attitude can be detrimental because a garage door is an important part of your house and if it isn’t maintained properly, it can lead to accidents, injuries, delays, etc.  Our experienced technicians can maintain your garage door at a low
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